Tomi Arayomi | "candidate trump said something shocking to me in a dream"

Early June- July, Tomi Arayomi has a dream. He knew this dream was important because he had had the same dream almost 8 years ago before this. In 2007, Tomi had a dream that the candidate Barak Obama would become president of the United States.

Obama appeared to him in a kitchen and was putting the kettle on for the two to sit down to eat. He was boasting of the things he would do to destroy America. The then young prophet woke up without knowing who to tell but a couple of his close family members.

Fast forward to candidate Trump. According to Tomi Arayomi God visited him in another dream but this time it was candidate Trump in the same kitchen, he appeared most grateful. He was telling Tomi to thank the church for helping him win the 2016 elections.

Stunned by this word Tomi reached out to old friend and christian tv journalist Hugh Jackman and asked to be on his program to broadcast the word months before the election result. This word can be found its entirety at the link below

"Candidate Trump told me to thank the evangelical church for helping him win" | Tomi Arayomi

In the interview Prophet Tomi goes on to say how the Lord showed Him that Trump would give credit to the church for his big win and it would announce a season of favour for the church and set Trump up as Americas Cyrus.

CNN article appears to verify the latest breaking prophetic message.

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