Prophet Tomi Arayomi predicts exposure of Corbyn's campaign network 'Momentum'

While many political party leaders have lost the trust of the general public this year, the same is not true for Jeremy Corbyn. His response to major events like Grenfell tower, his glastonbury speech and being backed by major UK influentials, such as the award winner rapper Stormzy, has placed the millennial generation in the palm of his hands.

Corbyn owes much of his success to the group 'momentum' which was formed out his 2015 leadership campaign and has helped engrain his socialist agenda in to the minds of millennials.

On November 22nd (The Watch day 232) Prophet Tomi Arayomi pleads for Christians across the UK to pray against a propaganda movement called 'Momentum' which he claims will liken the radicalisation of Islam but will be a radical socialist movement, if not stopped. He states in His prophecy that God will and can stop this movement if the church will begin to pray! A week later 'Momentum' was featuring in newspapers across the UK for possible tax evasion inquiry.

Tomi Arayomi prophesying an exposure of Momentum almost a week before it entered the news.

Could it be true that the prayers of the saints have the power to affect nations?

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