Twin Prophets predict Trump's Embassy Move four months before CNN & BBC report it.

2016 saw words like "Fake news" join the ranks of millennial buzz words and be enthroned alongside the infamous 'selfie'. Could "prophetic news" become the new buzz word of 2018? Surely predictions from God Almighty can literally be counted as quote on quote- "gospel".

I say this because recently I came across twins with a unique ability to break the news long before the mainstream news breaks it. It literally takes "breaking news" to a whole new level.

So "breaking the breaking news"- a young prophet by the name of Hakeem Collins together with his twin brother Naim who I can only assume are the same age! (#twin joke) shared a prophetic word that America's embassy would be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem four months before the mainstream media announced it with Trump's speech.

Prophet Hakeem Collins- Prophesies that Israel's US embassy will be moved and revival will break out!

Could this be the prophetic fulfilment of Amos 3:7 which states "the Lord does nothing without telling BBC and CNN about it first???" Of course it really says- 'telling His servants the Prophets.'

Are we witnessing a tide change in what should be called mainstream media? Is God becoming the new 'trusted voice of media today?'

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