Prophet Tomi Arayomi Sees a vision of UK Christmas terror threats in the midlands 24 hours before th

On 18th December 2017, Tomi Arayomi and his watch team were praying into Nations when Tomi described a vision he saw of a Midland terror attack concerning Christmas. This provoked him and his team of close to 100 intercessors from all over the world to pray and ask God to give our leaders eyes to see and ears to hear and that dark plans of the enemy would be exposed. Within 24 hours news broke of a terror plot being foiled in Sheffield targeting Christmas.

Watch Clip: Tomi Arayomi Prophesies Christmas Midlands Christmas Terror Threat 24 hours before news breaks!

Christmas is know as a time of celebration, relaxation and family reunions all across the UK.

On day 246 of The Watch, Prophet Tomi Arayomi prophesied that there would be terror threats across the UK and especially the midlands. He shared that the Midlands would be put on Amber alert during this season, but encouraged us to look to God. It's important that we as intercessors pray into this, ensure that this 'christmas threats' stay as just that- Threats, and wont be able to go any further.

" We must stay sober and vigilant, believing God that no weapon, magic or incantation forged against us shall prosper! We have not been given a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. This is a time to stay ever thankful but ever prayerful! Many across the Nation may be taking a Christmas holiday but darkness knows no holidays! Be encouraged that we serve a God who warns us of disaster but be ever more encouraged that we have the power on our knees to prevent it!"

Tomi Arayomi

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