Dr Sharon Stone 2018 Prophecy | The US Dollar will Rise

on the 31st of December, Dr Sharon Stone took to the pulpit to boldly declare her word of the Lord for the New Year. Here are some highlights. (Find the full video below.)

- God is going to put Israel on the map and in the headlines.

- The US dollar will rise!

- Anyone with investable income should look to invest in the US dollar as God will bless the American dollar for its dealings with Israel.

- More Nations will join the US in moving their embassies to Jerusalem.

- In 2017 God led you through closed doors but in 2018 God is going to lead you through open doors.

- in 2018 you have to be postured to take new territory, God is releasing a pioneering spirit upon the body of Christ.

- God is going to create a moral revolution on the seven mountains.

- There is going to be non christian movies made with a moral standard that are going to woo others towards God. The fear of the Lord is returning!

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