Jesus heals on London Underground in most peculiar way!

Benjamin Ajala is known for his bold evangelistic ministry. He frequents trains, parks and schools preaching a bold gospel of a Jesus that wants to know you and heal you! Something caught our attention at PVTV when Benjamin took to London Underground with this bold statement- "you don't come to church so we brought church to you". With a violinist and guitarist he proceeded to lead this busy underground commute in worship. Through changing the atmosphere, the response to his call for salvation drastically shifted from the usual mixed and quite animus response became warm and open to receiving from God.

People on the Underground started off jeering and some walking away but then nearer the end of the video we can see others declaring that they had been healed. One man even expressing it for all the carriage to hear. Mothers allowed Benjamin's team to pray for their children.

Something changes nearer the end of the video. You can see the atmosphere change and peoples reception go from awkward laughter to a warm and welcome reception. Is worship the key to changing the atmosphere?

Watch the video for yourself and see what releasing an atmosphere of Jesus can do even in the lowest places of the earth!

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