A Prophetic Word from Dr. Barbie Breathitt | Taste & See That the Lord is Good

Dr. Barbie Breathitt is president of Breath of the Spirit Ministries, extremely prophetic and is a recognised leader in dreams, dream interpretation. Having released much content on the subject to help body of Christ understand messages from the Father in dreams.

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On the 5th October 2018, Barbie released a powerful prophetic strategy to help the body of Christ taste and see the goodness of our God.

"Look to see what I have done; sip and savor the new wine of My presence. Acknowledge and respond to My goodness. Value My worthiness with praise, adoration and worship. Look up and see the Lion of Judah who is fighting your battles for you. Boast in and give thanks for My saving, healing, and delivering power. Let the breath of My Spirit fill you to empower you to ride the crest of every wave. Joyfully master the new opportunities that will position you to be a leader on the cutting-edge of Kingdom success."

One of the highlighted areas was coming against the spirits of gossip, slander, critical fingers and proud tongues that are speaking against people in authority. Then instead lifting up the leadership (Such as president Trump) in one accord regardless of our personal view of them!

Barbie goes on to speak about:

Renewing our minds

Looking for the abundance of rain

The softening of the soil.

& More!

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Dr. Barbie Breathitt

Breath of the Spirit Ministries

Website: www.myonar.com

Dr. Barbie Breathitt is an experienced teacher, published author, prophetic voice, dream interpreter and healing minister. She has released God’s love, presence and breath in prisons, hospitals, streets, Europe, third world nations, television, radio and the internet. Her deepest desire is to see people fulfill their unique destiny here on earth. Barbie’s training, resources and personal ministry help others to interpret and apply the direction God gives them through encounters, dreams and visions.

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